NextDBA Monitoring for MySQL

Need to know what is happening within your mission critical back-end database? How fast it is performing? What latent problems are developing into real ones? Or simply want to have a peace of mind that your back-end data store is healthy? NextDBA is the answer. NextDBA is hosting a Complimentary SATS Cerberus monitoring technology for MySQL, databases for your immediate use.

NextDBA Cerberus monitor allows your in-house DBA or a non-DBA engineer to gain an insight into mission critical areas of MySQL database, running jobs and replication state via simple-to-use web interface. This monitoring and messaging system can automatically alert you about 60 different critical and non-critical issues which may impact the performance or availability of your MySQL database.


NextDBA Monitoring for Storm, Kafka and Zookeeper

Cerberus rCloud monitor allows monitoring support for Storm, Kafka, and Zookeeper. With rCloud monitor real time messaging, advertising and Big Data services like Storm, Hadoop, Kafka and Zookeeper running on hundreds or thousands of nodes are now being controlled from a single Cerbsite console.

NextDBA free monitoring tier supports up to 10 nodes running any of the Storm or Kafka and/or Zookeeper cloud technologies. To monitor more nodes (hundreds nodes) we have Enterprise solution of Cerberus available via SATS.


Cerberus Enterprise Solution

Cerberus is an intelligent database, server and website monitoring, management, capacity planning and reporting system that increases its ability to prevent problems from happening by learning your system over time.
CERBERUS optimizes performance and maximizes up-time by delivering secure, proactive monitoring; and by assisting with administration of databases, servers, applications, and websites. It provides one point of control for heterogeneous environments, and creates a common point of reference for IT and business functions teams.

Cerberus Enterprise solution can monitor Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2,PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Hadoop. Enterprise solution available via SATS.

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