Cerberus ™ - an Intelligent Monitoring Technology for enterprise performance

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SATS offers customized Remote DBA and IT solutions. Our professional IT service team is available 24/7 to solve any database-related issues.

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The expert team is available to assist with the hands on work to our SLA clients any time of the day.

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Our competitively priced, high-quality expert service drastically reduces IT expenses by delivering up to 70% of cost savings.

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Remote Database Administration Services


SATS has been a services provider since 1994 and strives to maximize database performance and lower operation costs of its customers. Our on-site and remote DBA services reduce your database administration costs by 65%-75%.

We offer the entire spectrum of DBA services, from database design and application development to managed maintenance and support services.

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Why consider Remote DBA services?

Remote IT Administration Services


Our expertise in public and private Cloud management and monitoring and decades of expertise in Linux, Solaris, Windows and Networking lets us to ensure smooth operations of your IT infrastructure, maximum uptime and lower cost of support.

We offer a wide spectrum of on-site and Remote Operations managed services, from network design and configuration to maintenance and round-the-clock support work.

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NextDBA is hosting free Cerberus monitoring technology for MySQL databases for your immediate use. NextDBA Cerberus monitor allows your DBAs to monitor critical areas of MySQL database, run jobs and replication via simple and intuitive web interface.

NextDBA Cerberus' monitoring and messaging system can alert you automatically about 60 different critical and non-critical issues that may impact the performance or availability of MySQL database.

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Remote DBA and DevOps for Small Enterprise

Are you running company operations on a tight budget? Are you designing your back-end database tier or fast developing new code while putting aside the Ops?

Check our Remote DBA and DevOps package for essential DBA work items that are packaged together and delivered at fixed low cost.

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Our unique technology, Cerberus, optimizes your database performance and maximizes uptime by providing secure, proactive monitoring. Equipped with capacity planning and reporting functions, Cerberus can be used for monitoring in cloud environments, and it is the perfect cost-effective technology for rDBA and Remote IT services.

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Lights On Support and Monitoring Program

Our bare bones Remote DBA and Remote IT support program provides Business-IT alignment and reduces your operation costs. SATS offers Managed DBA and Managed IT Service at the most competitive prices in the industry.

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IT Consulting and Support Services

SATS offers an array of On-site and Remote IT support, development and performance optimization. SATS IT services encompass early detection and identification of IT problems; further planning, design, and implementation of robust, cost-effective solutions in record time.

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