SATS was founded in 1992 as a consulting group for developing and implementing database solutions for banking and retail. A year later, SATS began providing rDBA services, providing proactive and effective database administration solutions. In response to clients who needed 24x7 remote monitoring without compromising firewalls, SATS worked with clients and IT departments to create an advanced monitoring and capacity planning system. In 1996, Cerberus Beta was released. It was the first system on the market to work behind firewalls and utilize historical data for trend forecasting.

In the subsequent years, client feedback and SATS' drive for innovation transformed Cerberus into a feature-rich suite.

Cerberus technology is the backbone of SATS' continuous success in delivering top services to clients across different industries, including the following.

Sony Music
Federal Reserve San Francisco
Wells Fargo
PC World
Norwegian Cruise Line


"Our database never performed better. With SATS is has been virtually problem free"
- Eugene Archibald, IT Manager of Technical Operations, Sega
"I want to tell you we appreciate what you and your group have been doing for us. Please pass this along as you see fit"
- Gary Ogle, VP Operations, Mediaplex

"It's great working with a skilled team of Database Administrators who are proactive and responsive to our business needs. They quickly communicate issues and potential problems and work with us for a speedy resolution. I sleep nights better knowing that they are looking after our databases"
- Melinda Graham, Senior Systems Admin, Mediaplex
"In all the years I have been involved in IT businesses I have never experienced such a high level of customer service and concern as I had the pleasure of experiencing from my SATS DBA"